Friday, August 22, 2008

Hep Stars - Hep Stars On Stage



Its fantastic great live sound and atmosphere sixties !!!

The chances are that, had ABBA never come along making Benny Andersson (and his three partners in the group) into an international pop-rock star, no one outside of Sweden would ever have heard of the Hep Stars. They were the hottest rock band of the middle-to-late '60s in Sweden, however, considered by some to be that country's answer to the Beatles. The Hep Stars also charted 20 singles in their own country and had hits in the Netherlands, as well as building a following in Germany — and their CDs are exported around the world as a result of the ABBA connection. It also turns out that they were a pretty good band, too.Andersson's interest in the keyboard manifested itself at age six, when he got his first accordion, and ... Read More...

1. Cadillac 2. What'd I Say 3. Donna 4. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes For? 5. So Mistifying 6. Only You 7. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 8. Surfin Bird 9. Tallahasse Lassie 10. No Response 11. If You Need Me 12. Farmer John 13. Bald Headed Woman 14. Whole Lot-Ta Shk-In Goin On 15. Cadillac (Singleversion) 16. Mashed Potatoes 17. Lonesome Town 18. Rented Tuxedo 19. So Mystifying 20. Should I




Thanks Elwood_Blues
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