Friday, August 22, 2008


In 1960,the Dutch-Indonesian band "Hurricane Rollers" changed their name to "Strangers","Crazy Strangers" and then "Javalins".This name was chosen because most of the group were born in Java.The almost exclusively instrumental group recorded mostly in Germany.The Javalins only played 2 times in The Netherlands during the 60's.In Germany and Scandinavia they were much more famous.There records were recorded and they played to crowds of thousands.The Javalins consisted of Franky Franken (singer-guitar), Robby Latuperisa (drums), Hans Bax (guitar), Peter Theunissen (bass) and Gerard Buskop (piano-organ).Their "Al Capone" remains one of the finest examples of Dutch-Indonesian rock 'n' roll.The group had a reunion in 1981 with Frank Luyten instead of Franky Franken.Later The Javalins also did a few concerts with their original singer.Sadly Franky Franken died on 15 september 1998.Since then no plans for further concerts were made.
1. Javalin's Beat (Instr.)2. Javalin's Beat (Instr.) (2:30)3. Al Capone (Instr.) (2:31)4. Caroline (2:10)5. Mr. Tschang Aus Chinatown (2:03)6. Jenny jenny (3:51)7. Monkey Walk (Instr.) (2:38)8. Be My Baby (3:18)9. The Loveliest Night Of The Year (Instr.) (4:35)10. Ya Ya Twist (4:04)11. Footpatter (Instr.) (5:13)12. Git It (Wello Wap) (3:40)13. Sweet Georgia Brown (Instr.) (2:18)14. Twist & Shout (4:08)15. Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawaii (2:28)16. Scherben (2:03)17. Tanz Doch Mit Mir Swim (2:18)18. Twistin' Away (2:18)19. Sherry (2:10)20. Joe, Die Gitarren Man (Instr.) (2:34)21. Hey Hey, Ha Ha (2:29)

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