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The Kinks - The Great Lost Kinks Album ( 1963-70)

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The Great Lost Kinks Album is a 1973 LP collection of unreleased material issued by Reprise Records after The Kinks had moved to RCA. The tracks were recorded between 1966 and 1970 and master tapes were shipped to the US Reprise Label in the early 1970's to fulfil contractual obligations with that label. Kinks leader and songwriter, Ray Davies, intended most of the songs to remain unreleased "collateral" tracks for Reprise. Several other songs from these "collateral" recordings had been released on the 1971 Reprise compilation The Kink Kronikles.
Davies and the Kinks management were not told about the album and they learned of its existence from the US Billboard record chart. Davies instituted legal action against Reprise, which resulted in Reprise discontinuing the album in 1975. It became an immediate collector's item and most of the songs remained officially unreleased until the 1998 reissue of Kinks albums with bonus tracks. Some are still available only on old LPs or unofficial bootleg albums. The name is a reference to an album that was set to be released by Reprise in 1969, but was held back, eventually morphing into The Village Green Preservation Society. So many rumours circulated about the unissued record that "great lost Kinks album" became a catch phrase.
The songs include a number of unused album tracks, a British single (Plastic Man), a Kinks b-side (I'm Not Like Everybody Else), a film theme (Till Death Do Us Part), songs written exclusively for British television (Where Did the Spring Go?, When I Turn Out the Living Room Light) and several Dave Davies recordings, released and unreleased.
An aptly titled collection; out of print for many years, there are even some Kinks cultists who have never been able to hear this ragtag but worthy collection of late-'60s and early-'70s outtakes and rarities. Most of these were recorded around the same time as the 1968 LP Village Green Preservation Society; these low-key, wry, bouncy tunes would have fit in well with that record. Lyrically, they're on the whole slighter than much of their late-'60s work, perhaps accounting for why the group did not deign to release them at the time. Still, songs like "Rosemary Rose," "Misty Water," and "Mr. Songbird" would have hardly embarrassed the group, and rank as the highlights of this anthology.
Besides 1969-era outtakes, it includes the single "Plastic Man," a couple of okay, way-obscure B-sides featuring Dave Davies, and some songs penned for long-forgotten film and television productions. It also has the dynamite 1966 B-side "I'm Not Like Everybody Else," though that's easily available on reissue these days. That's not the case for most of the rest of this album; Kinks fans will find it quite worthwhile, and should be on the lookout for it in the used bins.
01. Intro - Ballad of the Virgin Soldiers 2:4902. I'm a Hog for You Baby 1:3903. I Believed You 1:5604. Revenge 1:2905. Got Love If You Want It 3:4606. Don't Ever Let Me Go 2:1507. This I Know 1:5908. A Little Bit of Sunlight 1:4709. Tell Me Now So I'll Know 1:5410. There's a New World Just Opening for Me 2:2311. All Night Stand 1:5012. Time Will Tell 2:3613. Spotty Grotty Anna 2:0714. And I Will Love You 2:1615. She's Got Everything 3:0916. Dedicated Follower of Fashion 3:0117. Mr. Reporter 3:5818. Sand on My Shoes 3:0519. Lavender Hill 2:5620. Rosemary Rose 1:4421. Misty Water 3:0122. Mr. Songbird 2:2723. Did You See His Name? 1:5724. Where Did My Spring Go? 2:1025. When I Turn Off the Living Room Light 2:1926. Til Death do Us Part 3:1827. Pictures in the Sand 2:4728. Berkeley Mews 2:40 1,87529. Easy Come, There You Went 0:5030. This Man He Weeps Tonight 2:40
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