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David Bowie - Early On (1964-1966)

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The definite early Bowie collection, with five previously unreleased 1965 demo's. This CD is also released on vinyl, without 'Liza Jane', 'Louie Louie Go Home' and 'Good Morning Girl'.
All songs written by David Bowie (aka David Jones), except Liza Jane by Leslie Conn, Louie, Louie Go Home by Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay, and I Pity The Fool by Deadric Malone.
MusiciansA. Davie Jones with the King Bees (Nov '63 - Aug '64)Davie Jones: vocals, tenor & alto saxRoger Bluck: lead guitarGeorge Underwood: rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocalsDave Howard: bassBob Allen: drumsB. The Manish Boys (Aug '64 - Apr '65)Davie Jones: vocals, tenor & alto saxJohnny Flux: lead guitarJohn Watson: bass, rhythm guitar, vocalsMick White: drumsBob Solly: organPaul Rodriguez: tenor sax, trumpet, bassWoolf Byrne: baritone sax, harmonicaJimmy Page: guitar solo on I Pity The FoolC. Davy JonesDavy Jones: vocals, acoustic guitarD. Davy Jones/David Bowie with The Lower Third (Mar '65 - Jan '66)Davy Jones/David Bowie: vocals, tenor & alto saxDennis Taylor: lead guitarGraham Rivens: bassPhil Lancaster: drumsNicky Hopkins (on some sessions): pianoE. David Bowie with The Buzz (Feb '66 - Dec '66)David Bowie: vocalsJohn Hutchinson: lead guitarDerek Fearnley: bassJohn Eager: drumsDerek Boyes: organF.Davy Jones: vocals, acoustic guitarSession musicians unknown
Biography1947 to 1967: Early yearsDavid Robert Jones was born in Brixton, London, to a father from Tadcaster in Yorkshire and a mother from an Irish family; Bowie's parents were married shortly after his birth. When he was six years old, his family moved from Brixton to Bromley in Kent, where he attended the Bromley Technical High School.When Bowie was fifteen years old, his friend George Underwood, wearing a ring on his finger, punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. Bowie was forced to stay out of school for eight months so that doctors could conduct operations to repair his potentially-blinded eye. Doctors could not fully repair the damage, leaving his pupil permanently dilated. As a result of the injury, Bowie has faulty depth perception. Bowie has stated that although he can see with his injured eye, his colour vision was mostly lost and a brownish tone is constantly present. The colour of the irises is still the same blue, but since the pupil of the injured eye is wide open, the colour of that eye is commonly mistaken to be different Despite the fight, Underwood and Bowie remained good friends, and Underwood went on to do the artwork for Bowie's earlier albums ... Read more
For many years these songs were hidden in a file cabinet. Long gone from Bowie's ever shifting memory, and lost forever from his fans. Luckily, they were finally discovered and released. Early On is nicely packaged and deserves a five star rating. "Liza Jane" sang by Bowie (then Jones) and backed up by The Kingbees. "Liza Jane" is a great song, and though many believe sounds too much like The Rolling Stones, I believe these songs were the foundation of what Bowie's music is all about today. .. Read more
1.Liza Jane - (bonus track, with Davie Jones & The Kingbees)2.Louie, Louie Go Home - (bonus track, with Davie Jones & The Kingbees)3.I Pity The Fool - (with The Manish Boys)4.Take My Tip - (with The Manish Boys)5.That's Where My Heart Is - (with David Jones)6.I Want My Baby Back - (with David Jones)7.Bars Of The County Jail - (with David Jones)8.You've Got A Habit Of Leaving - (with Davy Jones)9.Baby Loves That Way - (with Davy Jones)10.I'll Follow You - (with David Jones)11.Glad I've Got Nobody - (with David Jones)12.Can't Help Thinking About Me13.And I Say To Myself14.Do Anything You Say15.Good Morning Girl - (bonus track)16.I Dig Everything17.I'm Not Losing Sleep

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