Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rare Amber - Rare Amber (1969)



Rare Amber formed in 1968 when two blues musicians from Bristol, Gwyn Mathias (guitar) and Chris Whiting (drums) moved to London and formed the band with Del Watkins (guitar) and John Dover (bass). After several singers the album was recorded with Roger Cairns on vocals, and Chris Whiting had been replaced on drums by Keith Whiting (no relation). The group disbanded in early 1969, "Rare Amber" released an album of the same name. In the same year the band also released a single Malfunction Of The Engine/Blind Love.
The music is a successful blend of originals and covers of compositions by blues kings like Otis Spann and B.B. King. It is made up of progressive heavy blues rock typical of the time, a psychedelic blues monster, although more psych than blues.
This edition also contains their only single as bonus tracks.
Line-up :

Gwyn Mathias - guitar

Del Watkins - guitar

John Dover - bass

Roger Cairns - vocals

Keith Whiting - drums
Track List :

01. Malfunction Of The Engine02. You Ain't Made Yet03. It Hurts Me Too04. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss05. Night Life06. Custom Blues07. Popcorn Man08. Heartbreaker09. Solution10. Amber Blues11. Blues Never Die12. Malfunction On The Engine (Bonus Single)13. Blind Love (Bonus Single)


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