Monday, January 5, 2009

State Of Micky & Tommy (1965-1971)

This outfit backed Johnny Hallyday (the French equivalent to Tom Jones) during the late sixties, but had English connections. Their best known song With Love From One To Five is a great Move-influenced pop-psych number. Both UK 45s (and the French EPs) are very collectable. This is their whole recording output, 24-bit remastered, on 1 Cd. You may know some songs from Rubble series & other popsike comps. Don't miss the fantastic & very rare Nimrod & Blackburds singles (french releases only at the time)
1. With Love From 1 To 5 2. Sunday’s Leaving 3. I Know What I Would Do 4. Quelqu’un Qui Part “Someone Like You” 5. Frisco Bay 6. Julian Waites 7. Nobody Knows Where You’ve Been 8. Good Time Music 9. If I Could Be Sure (From “Tumuc Humac”) 10. Alice (From “Tumuc Humac”) The Blackburds: 11. Promenade Dans La Forкt Du Brabant 12. Absolument Hyde Park 13. Get Out Of My Life Woman 14. Don’t Go Home 15. The In Crowd 16. Don’t Need Nobody Nimrod: 17. The Bird 18. Don’t Let It Get The Best Of You The J. & B.: 19. There She Goes 20. Wow! Wow! Wow! Micky & Tommy: 21. Never At All (From “L’ours Et La Poupйe”) 22. Then You Got Everything (From “L’ours Et La Poupйe”) Bonus Tracks (By Thomas F. Browne, With Mick Jones): 23. Gentle Sarah 24. Carry My Load
STATE OF MICKY & TOMMY State Of Micky & Tommy (2008 French exclusive 24-track CD album, remastered in High Definition 24-Bit, compiling for the 1st time the entire output [1965-71] of this celebrated duo, including a pre-Foreigner Mick Jon es; while they may be best known for the 2 great pop-psych singles they released in the UK in 1967, much more of their output was only available in France, on a succession of EPs and under various names [they also backed and wrote for Johnny H and other French artists]2 bonus recordings
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