Monday, January 19, 2009

The Peep Show - Maze (1967-1968)

This obscure London-based four-piece group is best rememberedfor Mazy, a dreamy, rather haunting slice of flower power.Apparently, their 45s were jointly produced by Peter Meadon,who'd helped mould The Who in their early days as The HighNumbers, and Norman Jopling, who worked at 'Record Mirror'.Your Servent, Steven was also recorded by The Blues Magoos.
01 - Your Servant Stephen02 - Maze03 - Big Giant Man04 - Lost My Lover05 - Lovey Dovey Feeling06 - Silver Queen Of The Screen07 - When You're Getting Tired08 - Rum Sensation09 - Called And Chosen10 - Esprit De Corps11 - The Hovercraft Song12 - Goodbye Child13 - Morning14 - Do Not Wait For Better Times15 - Maze # 216 - My Friends And I
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