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T.I.M.E.)-T.I.M.E. & Smooth ball (1968-69 )



T.I.M.E. (Trust in Men Everywhere)
A competent quasi-psychedelic band from the Los Angeles area. They evolved out of Hardtimes which had included Byrom and Richardson. The opening track to their debut album, Tripping Into Sunshine, starts with a typical psychedelic introduction, although the remainder of Side One is comprised of rather mundane rock material. However, the standard improves on Side Two, particularly with I Really Love You and the closing track Take Me Along. Three of their 45 tracks are taken from this album.
The two opening tracks on their second LP released as LBS 83232 in the UK, were featured on the Gutbucket sampler helping to give the band international exposure, which they failed to exploit. Their blues influence is evident on tracks like Lazy Day Blues, while See Me As I Am, Trust In Men Everywhere and Flowers are examples of their attempts to get to grips with the predominant psychedelic influences of the time. The group made considerable use of phasing techniques, Their second album was the better of the two. The 'A' side to the second 45 is not on the album - it's a catchy pop-rock ditty with some tasty guitar.
Both Byrom and St. Nicholas later played with Steppenwolf and in 1973 Couchois and Byrom formed Ratchell.

LARRY BYROM gtr (Futuro miembro de Steppenwolf)



NICK ST NICHOLAS bs (Sparrows y Futuro miembro de Steppenwolf)


TIME's only two albums -- 1968's T.I.M.E. and 1969's Smooth Ball -- were reissued on a single CD by See For Miles in 1996. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
Audio CD (January 1, 1996) Original Release Date: 1968
T.I.M.E. : 1. Tripping into Sunshie 2. Label It Love 3. Finders Keepers 4. Love You, Cherish You 5. Make It Alright 6. Let the Colors Keep On 7. You Changed It All 8. I Really Love You 9. Make Love to You 10. I Can't Find It 11. What Can It Be 12. Take Me Along
SMOOTH BALL:13. Preparation G 14. Leavin' My Home 15. See Me as I Am 16. I Think You'd Cry 17. I'll Write a Song 18. Lazy Day Blues 19. Do You Feel It 20. Flowers 21. Morning Come 22. Trust in Men Everywhere
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