Monday, February 2, 2009

Gandalf - Gandalf 2 (1967-69)

A modest but intermittently enjoyable late-'60s group, Gandalf sounded something like a more psychedelic/progressive Left Banke. Their sole album has nice baroque-speckled melodies, an accomplished keyboard base with influences from classical music, and attractive harmonies. Their material wasn't on the level of the Left Banke, though; in fact most of it wasn't original, as they covered items such as "Nature Boy" and three Tim Hardin songs.
1. Bird in the Hand 2. Days Are Only Here and Gone 3. Smokey Topaz 4. Ladyfingers 5. No Earth Can Be Won 6. Bad Dream (demo) 7. I Won’t Cry No More 8. The Dance at St. Francis 9. Julie (The Song I Sing Is You) 10. Over This Table 11. Golden Earrings (demo) 12. Tears of Ages (Live) 13. Downbound Train* (live)
This is not a true Gandalf release. This is more or less an outtakes compliation released about eight years ago. However, it outshines the insipid hippyness of the first and only Gandalf LP, which for some reason stills fetches over $200 on eBay. This is actually a good record, and while taken from acetates and demos shows a strong psychedelic band playing fairly pretentiousless music.
History in evolutions :
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