Monday, February 2, 2009


History of evolution :
- Tim Brean / keyboards, vocals, composer
- Big Frisma / guitars, vocals, 2nd composer
- Chris Tick / drums, vocals
- Pierre Rapsat / bass, lead vocals, lyrics
One of those real rare hard rock group often considered as heavy progressive, Jenghiz Khan produced one sole album that is now a highly-priced collectible item. With an amazing cartoon-like gatefold cover of the Great Conqueror having cut the group member's heads, this obscure quartet is also the start of bassist Rapsat's lengthy career (he had recorded with another "prog" group Laurelie the same year) as a French-speaking rock singer/songwriter, who passed away two years ago. The album is the usual hard rock that one can expect from the era with an amateur trait, but also some undeniable progressive tendencies.
The album has received a Cd issue sometime ago and is now most likely scarce also.
1. Pain 7:462. CampusA 1:183. The Moderate 4:124. CampusB 1:325. The Lighter 5:166. Hard Working Man 4:417. Mad Lover 3:108. Trip To Paradise 10:12
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