Monday, February 2, 2009

Second hand - Reality (1969)

The first album, from 1968, by this UK band is a much more psychedelic work than the rarer follow-up. A trippy mixture of hard guitar riffs, psyched-out mellotron excursions and weird lyrics. The classics "Fairy Tale"( In both full and single edit) and "The World Will End Yesterday" are here along with other mind benders. Complete with fully informative 8 page booklet and four bonus tracks.
... The band was formed by the already-mentioned Ken Elliot playing keys and singing, Kieran O’Connor on drums, Bobby Gibbons on lead guitar, Nick South playing bass and they invited Chris Williams to add flute, cello, violin and saxophone in their debut album “Reality”. This first release is clearly more oriented towards late Psychedelia but very advanced for the genre, anybody can feel the characteristic early-Prog sound, hidden somewhere. Despite being an excellent album, it never reached a great popularity in the charts, and stayed an undeservedly obscure and underrated gem from the late 60’s ...
01 - A Fairy Tale 3:1902 - Rhubarb! 3:4703 - Denis James The Clown 2:2104 - Steam Tugs 3:1405 - Good Old '59 (We Are Slowly Gettin' Older) 2:1906 - The World Will End Yesterday 3:5007 - Denis James (Ode To D.J.) 3:1508 - Mainliner 6:1709 - Reality 8:3110 - The Bath Song 3:1111 - A Fairy Tale (Alternative Mix) 2:1312 - Steam Tugs (Alternative Mix) 5:3213 - James In The Basement (With Dennis Couldry) 2:4814 - I Am Nearly There (With Dennis Couldry) 3:17
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