Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel (1966-68)


by Bruce Eder & Richie Unterberger
They could've been contenders — hell, they should've been contenders! That's the first thought that passes through one's head as one hears the early singles by the Creation — and, indeed, how they weren't contenders is astonishing. They had it all, the in-house songwriting, the production, the voices, and the sound that should've put them right up there with the Who and ahead of the Move and Jimmy Page, among others. Their lead guitarist, Eddie Phillips, was even asked by Pete Townshend to join the Who as their second guitarist. But thanks to an unaccountable weakness in their British sales — as opposed to their German chart action, which was downright robust — and some instability in their lineup, they were ... Read More...
01. How Does It Feel To Feel02. Life Is Just Beginning03. Through My Eyes04. Ostrich Man05. I Am The Walker06. Tom Tom07. The Girls Are Naked08. Painter Man09. Try And Stop Me10. Biff! Bang! Pow!11. Making Time12. Cool Jerk13. For All That I Am14. Nightmares15. Midway Down16. Can I Join Your Band17. Uncle Bert18. Like A Rolling Stone [1]19. If I Stay Too Long20. Hey Joe [2]
Unquestionably the best of the several Creation repackages floating around. Includes virtually all of their 1966-1968 singles and a few other stray tracks of interest from the same period.
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