Wednesday, February 25, 2009



by Richie Unterberger
Chicago's New Colony Six originally emerged as a tough, British Invasion-styled outfit prominently featuring Farfisa organ and a novel (at the time) Lesley guitar. Scoring a huge local hit with "I Confess," their early recordings — exemplified by their 1966 debut album, Breakthrough — featured first-class original material that gave the sound of Them and the Yardbirds a more commercial, American garage-based, vocal harmony approach. The rest of the '60s saw the band gradually abandoning their roots for middle-of-the-road pop with horns and strings. Continuing to rack up major local hits and minor national ones, they finally cracked the U.S. Top 30 with "Love You So Much" (1968) and "Things I'd Like to Say" (1969).
1. I confess 2. A heart is made of many things 3. Don't you think it's time you stopped your cryin' 4. Last nite 5. I and you 6. At the river's edge 7. I lie awake 8. Dawn is breaking 9. The time of the year is sunset 10.Some people think I'm a playboy 11.Cadillac 12.Sunshine 13.Love you so much 14.Let me love you 15.You're gonna be mine 16.Warm baby 17.Accept my ring 18.My dreams depend on you 19.I'm here now 20.Woman 21.The power of love 22.Mister you're a better man than I
Thaks a lot Valder
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