Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Old Man &The Sea - The Old Man & The Sea (1972) Danmark

Benny Stanley (guitar)
Knud Lindhard (bass)
Tommy Hansen (organ)
Ole Wedel (vocals)
Lars "Bekse" Thygesen (drums)
This group hailed from Jutland. They started in the end of 60-ties as Den Gamle Mand og Havet (Danish name of “The Old Man And The Sea”) playing cover versions of songs of The Nice, Procol Harum, The Cream etc. Later they changed the name for its English equivalent. In 1972 recorded one of the best albums in Denmark – symphonic progressive rock with strong organ and heavy rock tendencies. This album became soon a cult record. Unfortunately, the band, as many others, couldn’t get the breakthrough and disbanded.This band just made one sole hard-prog-rock album back in the era where Denmark had a lively prog scene (bands like Burnin'Red Ivanhoe, Coronaria Dans, Secret Oyster, ACHE and many more). They took their name from the Old Tale (seems to be quite popular one around the Baltic Sea) and made their album based on that. All of the songs on the album has been awarded an icon image of this tale on the booklet of the CD. The songs are definitely hard rock with a predominent guitar but KB are also quite present . We are also gratified of a few flute interventions. The vocals are in English and quite apt. The Monk Song is the highlight and cut into two section with the first part showing all of the possibilities of the band. All in all , with this album, we are hovering around Zeppelin, Purple , Heep, Rooster and a few more bands of the genre but this album is far from derivative of those cited here.
1. Living Dead (7:51)2. Princess (6:02)3. Jingoism (6:54)4. Prelude (1:12)5. The Monk Song 1 (5:54)6. The Monk Song 2 (3:36)7. Going Blind (10:31)
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