Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Searchers - Greatest Hits



Founded in 1957 by John McNally (guitar/vocals), the Searchers were originally one of thousands of skiffle groups formed in the wake of Lonnie Donegan's success with "Rock Island Line." The Searchers' immediate competitors included bands such as the Wreckers and the Confederates, both led by Michael Pender (guitar, vocals), and the Martinis, led by Tony Jackson (guitar/vocals). By 1959, McNally and Pender were working together as a duet; later in the year, Jackson joined as the lead vocalist. After drummer Norman McGarry left the Searchers he was replaced by Chris Crummy, who quickly renamed himself ... Read More...

01. Sweets for My Sweet 02. Love Potion No. 9 03. Sugar and Spice 04. Ain't That Just Like Me 05. Needles and Pins 06. Don't Throw Your Love Away 07. Someday We're Gonna Love Again 08. When You Walk in the Room 09. What Have They Done to the Rain? 10. Goodbye My Love 11. Bumble Bee 12. He's Got No Love 13. When I Get Home 14. Take Me for What I'm Worth 15. Each Time 16. Everybody Come and Clap Your Hands 17. Have You Ever Loved Somebody 18. Second Hand Dealer

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