Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Seeds- Fallin' Off The Edge



The title track to this collection of rarities and alternate takes, "Fallin' off the Edge (Of My Mind)," is, improbably enough, a psychedelic hoe-down. Literally. Sure, the lyrics are suitably mind-bending, but Jan Savage's guitar playing is pure country. It works in spite of itself, but is hardly representative of the rest of the material (it's the only song co-written by Kim Fowley). It also proves that, contrary to popular belief, the Seeds did have other musical interests beyond psych, garage, and blues. "Daisy Mae," the B-side to "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," is another oddity. In it, Sky Saxon (b. Richard Marsh) wraps his wavery, sandpaper-edged tenor around an R&B number that sounds like a cross between Buddy Holly and Little Richard. The other numbers adhere to a more traditional psych standard. They include alternate versions of "Wind Blows Your Hair" (plus a reprise), "Nobody Spoil My Fun," and "Pushin' Too Hard," their signature hit. Although there's no topping their first two releases, Seeds and Web of Sound, fans are sure to find Fallin' off the Edge of interest.


1 Wind Blows Your Hair Saxon 2 Other Place Saxon 3 She's Wrong Saxon 4 Nobody Spoil My Fun Saxon 5 Fallin' off the Edge (Of My Mind) Fowley 6 Pretty Girl Johnson 7 Tripmaker Hooper, Tybalt 8 Chocolate River Hooper, Saxon 9 Daisy Mae Saxon 10 Wind Blows Your Hair (Reprise) Saxon 11 Pushin' Too Hard Saxon


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