Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fickle Pickle - Sinful Skinful (1972)


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Lost early 70s psych album only ever issued in Holland and now commanding a fortune for the original LP. Now with 14 bonus cuts.
Fickle Pickle was an early- '70s band that was part of the Morgan Studios orbit, along with such bands as Orange Bicycle and the Smoke. Indeed, much of Fickle Pickle's lineup was filled out by ex-members of both of those bands, including Geoff Gill, Cliff Wade (a member of the short-lived early- '70s version of the Smoke), and Will Malone, plus ex-Jude member Steve Howden, with Denny Beckerman occasionally augmenting their lineup. They recorded a small number of singles in the early 1970s, including a cover of Don McLean's "American Pie," and enjoyed a hit in the Netherlands with their version of "Maybe I'm Amazed."
Fickle Pickle were a North-West London-based studio band, made up of sundry producers, engineers and sessionmen, including a couple of ex-members of the legendary '60s Psych combo The Smoke. In August 1970 they cut an opportunistic cover of Paul McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, the most radio-friendly song on Macca’s debut solo album. Although it failed to register in the UK it made the charts in Holland, as did their follow-up, the self-penned 'California Calling’. On the back of this unlikely success they were encouraged to cut an album, and the eccentric, wildly eclectic Sinful Skinful duly appeared in The Netherlands in 1972, on a tiny local independent label, Explosion. Laden with memorable hooks, mellifluous harmonies, soaring strings and lyrics of cynicism, wit, and wisdom, This expanded edition comes with 14 bonus tracks including various contemporaneous 45s, outtakes and demos.
1. California Calling2. Sinful Skinful3. Sandy4. Doctor Octopus5. Saturday6. Only for the Summer7. Let Me Tell You8. Down Smokey Lane9. Blown Away10. Sunshine Pie11. Barcelona12. Our Time Is Thru13. Maybe I'm Amazed14. Sitting on a Goldmine
15. Millionaire
16. Sam and Sadie
17. Man with One Leg
18. Old Feet New Socks19. Holiday Farm20. Poor Little Frogs
21. Sweet Wilfred - A Rodent of Note22. American Pie 23. Letter24. Here and Now25. Ask the People
26. Just an Old Fashioned Love Song
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