Friday, March 27, 2009

Ian & The Zodiacs - Just Listen To Ian & The Zodiacs (1965) + BONUS



Ian and the Zodiacs

Ian and the Zodiacs had one of the longest histories of any band working in Liverpool, which makes their utter obscurity in that city even more of a puzzle, considering that they had a cool name and played r&b well enough to become stars in Germany. The band's roots go back to the Zodiacs, a trad-jazz (i.e. Dixieland) outfit formed in 1958 as a sextet that included future Fourmost drummer Dave Lovelay-they switched to rock 'n roll soon after. The original Zodiacs stayed intact thru the spring of 1960, when lead guitarist Pete Pimlett exited and Ian Edwards, late of the Deltones (who attended the same school as the Zodiacs) came aboard, along with Charlie Flynn... Read More...


01 The In Crowd02 Make It Easy On Yourself03 I Need You04 Face In The Crowd05 It's A Crying Shame06 Nature Boy07 Can't Stop Running Away08 Headin' Back To You09 Donna Donna10 Believe Me11 Strong Love12 As You Used To Do13 What Kind Of Fool14 No, Not Another Night15 All Of Me16 Leave It To Me17 Why Can't It Be Me18 Any Day Now19 Na-Na-Na-Na-Na20 I'll Take You Home21 Little Child22 Take A Message to Martha




Ian & The Zodiacs\ Denny Seyton & The Sabres 2 in 1



Denny Seyton & the Sabres

Denny Seyton & the Sabres were one of the more promising Liverpool-based bands that never made it, despite getting as far as charting a single, "The Way You Look Tonight," in 1964. Denny Seyton (real name Brian Tarr) was their founder and lead singer, and their most important lineup — which went through several transitions leading up to that point — featured songwriter Lally Stott on lead guitar, Mike Logan on organ, John Boyle on bass, and Eden Kane alumnus Dave Saxon on drums. Their sound was R&B-based, and some accounts of their early stage sound compare them to the Rolling Stones. They were signed to Mercury Records' U.K. division (making them sort of the distant musical precursors to ... Read More...
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