Friday, March 27, 2009

McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis (1969)

"...This is a reissue of ultra-rare psychedelic prog rock. McDonald & Sherby's sole contribution to the canon of 20th century music was Catharsis, an album which originally appeared on the appropriately-named Omniscient label (Omniscient Records 1426S) Some have speculated that given the band's prog/psych leanings, Catharsis was probably recorded in the '70s (1974), although the accepted wisdom is that the album was made at Minneapolis's Sound 80 Studios on 1969. The album consists of six long tracks with a decidedly heavy guitar-based vibe, all well recorded and delivered with considerable aplomb. The track "Swim Free" is their magical moment in time..."
This is a reissue of ultra-rare psychedelic preprog rock and
one of my favorite psych album .
Let It Be
01. Addoranne02. Sharks Around Blood03. Run And Hide04. Space Beam05. Swim Free06. Drivin? Me Crazy
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