Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rory Storm & The Hurricans - The Complete Works

Liverpool band Rory Storm & the Hurricanes are most famous as Ringo Starr's group before he joined the Beatles. In fact, to most rock fans, that's about all they're known for. They were, however, an extremely popular Merseyside group in the early '60s that did their part to get the Liverpool scene going, and were, in fact, more popular than the Beatles themselves in 1960. Like the Beatles and some other Liverpool groups, they went to Hamburg and played challenging residencies in that city's tough clubs. But, shortly after the Beatles and Storm had cut their teeth in Hamburg, the Beatles shot past Storm and his group in popularity. And with good reason — the Beatles... Read More...
01 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - Dr. Feelgood 02 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - I Can Tell 03 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - Beatiful Dreamer 04 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - America 05 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - Since You Broke My Heart
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