Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shanti - Shanti (1971)

ashish khan, sarod
zakir hussein, tabla, dholak, naal
neil seidel, gtr
steve haehl, gtr, voc
steve leach, bs, voc
frank lupica, ds
pranesh khan, tabla, naal
mike aydelotte, songwriter
produced by richard bock

From San Francisco, this Californian-meets-India group played a very relaxed mystic blend of music, alternating instrumental cuts with vocal songs. Adding instruments such as sarod, dholak and tablas to their regular guitar/bass/drums line-up Shanti created an exotic, rootsy aura, never mind the spiritual lyrics. Zakir Hussain also played with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead on his Rolling Thunder album.
1 we want to be free
2 innocence
3 out of nowhere
4 lord i'm comin' round
5 good inside
6 shanti
7 i do believe
... it's a hippy rock band with added indian musicians and it's awesome. sunny, optimistic, east-west jam-band spiritual fusion i suppose. zakir hussein, of course, went on to play with mickey hart and john mclaughlin....
..this is great...tablas, sitars, dreamy vocals and electric guitar...pretty far out raga style jams..a real nice Sunday morning coming down kinda thing....thanks for this obscure gem...
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