Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Boots - Here Are The Boots (1966)



The Boots were a German outfit formed on the model of such British Invasion blues-based outfits as the Yardbirds, the Pretty Things, and Them. Lead singer Werner Krabbe had most definitely heard at least a couple of Van Morrison singles, while lead guitarist Jurg "Jockel" Schulte-Eckel utilized fuzz-tone effects for all they were worth, and also may have had a passing awareness of the Who; at least, he was known — before Jimi Hendrix ever started showing up with lighter fluid on stage — for playing his instrument with screwdrivers and other metal tools as well as the occasional beer bottle. The rest — Uli Grun on rhythm guitar, organ, and harmonica; Bob Bresser on bass; and Heinz Hoff on drums — variously pulsed, thumped, and pounded away behind these two lead punk maniacs, making some very busy as well as very bluesy records in the bargain, which were also characterized by fairly nimble vocal work. Somewhere midway between the Yardbirds and Them, with hints of the pyrotechnics that the Who and the Creation would perfect each in their own way, the Boots were popular in Germany and were also good enough to rate a recording contract with Germany's Telefunken Records, which yielded a pair of LPs as well as several singles. Krabbe exited in early 1966, following the release of their garage-punk single "Gaby," though the band hung on for another year. The latter single was featured on Rhino's summer 2001 release of Nuggets I


TRACKLIST 01 She's About A Mover 02 Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 03 Gloria 04 It Ain't Necessarily So 05 Got Love If You Want It 06 But You Never Do It, Babe 07 Enchanted Sea 08 Baby, Please Don't Go 09 Whatcha Gonna Do About It 10 When I Loved Her 11 Jump Back Baby 12 Dimples 13 Boogie Children 14 Walkin' In The Sand Bonus Tracks 15 In The Midnight Hour 16 Watch Your Step 17 One More Time 18 I Wish You Would


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