Monday, March 16, 2009

The Innocents - The Complete Indigo Recordings

by Andrew Hamilton

The Innocents — James West (lead), Al Candelaria (bass), and Darron Stankey (tenor/guitarist) — were a smooth harmonizing West Coast pop group from San Fernando Valley CA, whose most successful record was accompanying Kathy Young as Kathy Young & the Innocents on "A Thousand Smiles" (1960 Indigo Records, number three pop/number six R&B). Kathy Young was the ripe old age of 15 at the time. The trio were friends and members of a local car club name "The Innocents." The artists met at Wink Martindale's local television dance show, where the Innocents were lip-syncing their current single; Indigo producer Jim Lee suggested they record together after talking to ... Read More...
1 Gee Whiz Thomas, Vikki 2:29 2 Please Mr. Sun Frank, Getzov 3:18 3 Walking Along Weiss, Willis 1:40 4 Once in a While Edwards, Green 3:23 5 Pain in My Heart Funches, Junior 2:41 6 Chiquita Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:02 7 The Girl in My Dreams Davis, Josea, Ling, Taub 2:38 8 Because I Love You Heiss 2:12 9 Sleeping Beauty 2:00 10 Donna Valens 2:44 11 Kathy Lee 2:42 12 My Baby Hully Gullys Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:05 13 Honest I Do Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:32 14 Beware Belvin 3:07 15 I'm a Hog for You Leiber, Stoller 1:59 16 When I Became a Man Coggin 2:28 17 Two Young Hearts 3:05 18 Dee Dee Di Oh 2:11 19 I Believe in You Durden, Durdens, Kahal 2:58 20 It Was a Tear Oliver 2:43 21 You Got Me Going Sanders 2:44 22 Little Blue Star 3:01 23 I Know a Valley 3:08 24 Time Makes You Change McGill 2:13 25 In the Beginning Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:21
This 25-song CD showcases the sweet harmony trio's smooth, relaxing sound and golden pipes. At times they sound like the Fleetwoods without the female. The West Coast warblers' biggest record, "A Thousand Stars," featured them accompanying Kathy Young as Kathy Young & the Innocents (not included). Ace Records, however, does cover all of their recordings as the Innocents, including their first Top 40 entry, "Honest I Do," and their second, "Gee Whiz" (not the Carla Thomas song), their chart misses, and many unreleased sides; some, while immensely charming, don't seem quite finished. Doo wop fans might want to sample before buying, but lovers of mellow West Coast pop can purchase this without any worries of buyers' remorse.
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