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The Merseybeats - I think of you (Complete Recordings)

I Think of You: The Complete Recordings
Recording Date Aug 1963-Jul 1964
Release Date May 7, 2002

The Merseybeats were one of the better quartets to come out of the British Invasion without ever making a dent on the charts in the United States — along with the Roulettes, the Chants, and the Undertakers, they represent an undeservedly lost chapter in early-'60s British rock & roll. Although they enjoyed a little less than a year of serious chart success, the Merseybeats were unable to pull together the various facets of their sound into a cohesive, coherent whole in the manner of the Beatles or the Hollies, and into something lasting, in part because of a lack of original songwriting ability in their ranks. The group's roots go back to the early '60s in Liverpool, and a band originally known as "the Mavericks," comprised ... Read More...
1. It's Love That Really Counts 2. Fortune Teller 3. I Think of You 4. Mister Moonlight 5. Don't Turn Around 6. Really Mystified 7. Wishin' and Hopin' 8. Milkman 9. Last Night (I Made a Little Girl Cry) 10. Send Me Back 11. Don't Let It Happen to Us 12. It Would Take a Long, Long Time 13. I Love You Yes I Do 14. Good Good Lovin' 15. I Stand Accused 16. All My Life 17. Hello, Young Lovers 18. He Will Break Your Heart 19. Funny Face 20. Girl That I Marry 21. Fools Like Me 22. My Heart and I 23. Bring It on Home to Me 24. Lavender Blue 25. Jumpin' Jonah 26. Long Tall Sally 27. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry 28. Shame 29. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 30. Nur Unsere Liebe Zдhlt 31. Nur du Allein
All 31 songs the Merseybeats ever recorded manage to fit on this single-CD compilation. That includes the A-sides and B-sides of all eight of their 1963-1965 singles, all of the tracks from their sole album that weren't on 45s, the songs from their 1964 On Stage EP (none of which made it onto any other format at the time), and even German versions of "I Think of You" and "It's Love That Really Counts." That doesn't leave much to complain about. Nonetheless, it has to be said that if you have their Edsel best-of, Beat & Ballads, which concentrates on their best singles, you're not missing much, even if it's only half the length. Of the cuts here that aren't on Beat & Ballads, few are memorable, largely encompassing some mediocre group-penned B-sides and drab covers, some of inappropriately pop-oriented tunes. Among this material, really, the only song that's up to the standards of what was selected for Beat & Ballads is a lively rockabilly arrangement of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Hello, Young Lovers." And the liner notes aren't as good as those for Beat & Ballads, though they do have some comments by Merseybeat-for-a-time John Gustafson. Still, this does have everything, at no more expense than you'll likely incur from a used copy of Beat & Ballads. And much of the best stuff, like "Don't Turn Around," "Milkman," "Don't Let It Happen to Us," "I Stand Accused," and "It's Love That Really Counts," rates among the better unknown (in the U.S., anyway) Merseybeat, with "Last Night" counting as one of the best obscure early British Invasion pop/rockers.
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