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Reg Presley - vocals (born Reginald Ball, June 12th 1943, Andover)Chris Britton - guitar (born June 21st 1945, Watford)Pete Staples - bass guitar (born May 3rd 1944, Andover)Ronnie Bond - drums (born Ronald Bullis, May 4th 1943, Andover, died November 13th 1992)
The Troggs had a quality which made the rawest R&B groups seem sophisticated. They combined a sort of rustic naivety with sexual power, an unlikely combination, but it worked. "Wild Thing" was a revelation, unsubtle guitar-work, nasal singing occasionally breaking into a whisper, and an ocarina solo.The Troglodytes were formed in Andover, Hampshire in 1964. They were discovered by the Kinks' manager Larry Page, and it was at his suggestion that the name was shortened to The Troggs when the band won a recording contract.Although the first release sank without trace, the second, Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing", was a primeval three-chord monster which became a multi-million selling world-wide hit and remains one of the seminal records in the history of rock music.The follow-up "With A Girl Like You" fared even better - reaching the top spot in August '66. The third hit, !I Can't Control Myself", ran into trouble from some radio stations around the world for its overt sexual content.Most of their hits were written by Reg Presley, but ultimately, they proved unable to develop musically and fell from favour with the record buying public.A line-up of The Troggs is still together today, touring and occasionally making albums.
This set collects the half-dozen or so EPs that the Troggs released for Fontana Records during their peak commercial run in the mid- to late '60s, and while the group's biggest hits are here, including their signature caveman stomper "Wild Thing" (written by Chip Taylor and featuring an improbable ocarina solo), the pop gem "With a Girl Like You." and the breezy ballad "Love Is All Around," what makes this compilation interesting are the various other tracks that either show the Troggs trying to replicate their biggest successes by cloning them under the guise of a new song or truly stretching into different territory (the opening track, "Oh No," which features a distinct Byrds-like jangle, is a good example of the latter). Lead singer Reg Presley's vocals range from sneering to sweet, mellow, and flowery, depending on the song, but what emerges here is the fact that the Troggs, although they had a proto-punk image thanks to the 1966 success of "Wild Thing," were really a power pop band specializing in pretty ballads, and they were quite good at it. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide
1. Oh No
2. You're Lying
3. The Yella In Me
4. From Home
5. With A Girl Like You
6. I Want You
7. Jingle Jangle
8. Our Love Will Still Be There
9. I Can't Control Myself
10. Gonna Make You
11. Anyway That You Want Me
12. 66-5-4-3-2-1
13. Give It To Me
14. I Can Only Give You Everything
15. You Can't Beat It
16. Night Of The Long Grass
17. Girl In Black
18. Love Is All Around
19. Hi Hi Hazel
20. Little Girl
21. Cousin Jane
22. Wild Thing
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