Monday, March 9, 2009

VA \The Best of the 60 Garage Band Scene \ - Green Crystal Ties -vol 2

Despite including some fairly well-known bands from the genre, this volume is just an average release for this series. The influence of the heavyweights is perhaps too apparent at times, with the Rolling Stones, the Byrds, and the Zombies all being mimicked, with varying degrees of success. Obviously, one should start with the original works by any of these popular '60s artists before contemplating this compilation. But even then, the Blue Things, the Barracudas, the Basement Wall, and the New Breed — the best groups on this volume — are best heard on their own albums rather than on this release.
01 The Basement Wall - Never Existed (Version #2 Reprise)02 The Basement Wall - You03 The New Breed - Woman04 The New Breed - I'll Come Running05 The Bluethings - You Can't Say We Never Tried06 The Bluethings - Pennies07 The Barracudas - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better08 The Barracudas - Not Fade Away09 King Richard & The Knights - I Don't Need You10 King Richard & The Knights - How About Now11 The Missing Links - The Crowded Part Of Town12 The Missing Links - You Make Me Feel Good13 The Esquires - Judgement Day14 The Esquires - These Are The Tender Years15 The Penthouses - You're Gonna Make Me16 The Penthouses - You're Always Around17 The Sounds Unlimited - About You18 The Sounds Unlimited - Keep Your Hands Off It
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