Sunday, March 1, 2009

Willie and The Walkers - 30th Anniversary collection

SUPER - Willie And The Walkers
Vocalist/keyboardist Willie MacCalder formed the Walkers in 1963 with guitarists Bill Hardie and Dennis Petruk, and drummer Roland Hardie. The group signed with Capitol four years later and released two singles, "Diamonds and Gold" and "Alone in My Room." The Walkers disbanded in the early '70s (MacCalder began playing with the Powder Blues Band), but re-formed in 1988 for a reunion concert. Several changes later took place, including Roland Hardie being replaced by Nick Petruk and new additions vocalist Rick Francis, keyboard player R.J. Smarton and guitarist Sam Paladino joining the Walkers.
01. My Friend02. Feelin' So Good03. It Is Easy To See04. Baby Do You Need Me05. Diamonds and Gold06. The Door That Leads To Nowhere07. Poor Janie08. (Alone) In My Room09. I've Given Up My Soul10. Appreciate A Girl11. Loser12. The Magic In Her Eyes13. What Is The Reason14. Is It Love15. All About You
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