Sunday, April 12, 2009

Щурците - Щурците (1976) Bulgaria


Щурците» ("Shturtsite" is read, in transfer - "Crickets") - the most known Bulgarian group, on whose songs one generation has grown not. The group has been created in 1967 in Sofia, but only in 80 became, at last, an emblem of the Bulgarian fate. The first place of group at competition «Gold Orfej» for a song «Bjala silence», executed together with George Minchevym in 67th was the first recognition.

some years, in 1976, structure "Щурците" was generated:
Kiril Marichkov - a bass, a vocal
Petr Gjuzelev - a guitar, a vocal
Vladimir Totev - keys, a vocal
Georgi Markov - drums

In this structure for the following of 20 years the greatest hits of modern Bulgarian music will be created


01-Na Praga02-Govori Se Za Nescho03-Syanka Na Ptitsa04-Day Mi Malko Nezhnost05-Obich06-A Utre07-Dalechen Zaliv08-Moyat Sin09-Vishnev Tsvyat10-Dyavolski Sezon
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