Thursday, April 30, 2009

BABA YAGA - Collage LP 1974 (Germany)

Nemat Darman: santur, sitar, tables, congas, cymbals, gongs, kettledrums, drums, vibes
Ingo Werner: EMS-synthesizer, davoli-synthesizer, solina string ensemble, clavinet, electric piano, grand piano
Not to be confused with the much later neo-progressive band Baba Jaga, this obscure mid-70's duo were quite aptly named after the fabled fictional magician, being multi-instrumentalists of great invention. Ingo Werner is also known for his earlier work with My Solid Ground and nowadays as a session musician/synthesist. In Baba Yaga, the mixture of ethnic instruments, percussives and multi-keyboards, makes for a music that steps beyond early Between or Deuter, steering clear of any pretty or melodic noodling, moving to darker more abstract realms like the most mysterious Third Ear Band. Largely, this also adds up to a sound close to the later Brainticket albums ADVENTURE and VOYAGE. (Quelle: A crack in the cosmic egg)
Track list:
1. Mokscha
2. Wadia
Baba Yaga is the name given to the one-album collaboration between Ingo Werner and Nemat Darman (the previous Baba Yaga album does not feature Darman) with the latter handling percussion, santoor and setar and the former on synth, clavinet and pianos. Collage contains two long spacey kraut tracks, the first of which contains a strong Persian presence that resembles Dariush Dolat-Shahi et al but is considerably less refined and complex…which can of course be nice too…great stuff.
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