Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inna Zhelannaya - Inozemets (1998) Russia

INNA ZHELANNAYA Musicians of the fabulous rock-band “Alliance” which was popular in Russia in 80-s and early 90-s made up a core of a band, created by Inna Zhelannaya in 1994. Music produced by the band couldn’t be defined by familiar genres’ peculiarities – it combined the elements of different rock streams, Russian folklore and other ethnic practices. Rock rhythm-section with strong drums, energetic electric guitar and transcendent sound of unique fretless 6-string bass, the usage of electronic devices, vivid wind-instruments range – all these indicated special band’s sound. In 1989 Inna begun her co-operation with a rock-band “Alliance”. Read more...

01. Naberu travy (Gathering Grass) [5:00]02. Letay (Fly) [4:09]03. Iz-pod svet zarya (Twilight) [4:13]04. Pesnya bez slov (Song Without Words) [4:49]05. Molchi (Keep Silent) [2:58]06. Obryadovaya (Easter Song) [5:48]07. Blok (Blok) [4:47]08. Severnye tantsy (Northern Dances) [2:57]09. Zerkalo (Mirror) [6:53]10. Cherez sadik (Through The Orchard) [4:27]11. Seroglazyj (Grey Eyes) [3:20]12. Kolybel'naya (Lullaby) [4:30]13. Mak (Poppy) [6:42]
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