Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jelly Bean Bandits - Jelly Bean Bandits(1967)

Newburgh, New York psych-punks the Jelly Bean Bandits formed in 1966. Singer Billy Donald, guitarist Jack Dougherty, bassist Fred Buck, keyboardist Michael "Mr. Addams" Raab, and drummer Joe "Laredo London" Scalfari originally operated as "the Mirror", regularly packing area nightspots like the local Trade Winds, Poughkeepsie's Buccaneer Nightclub, and Burlington, Vermont's Red Dog. In due time, they recorded a three-song demo reel that resulted in a three-album recording contract with Mainstream Records — however, unknown to Mainstream, these three songs represented the sum total of the Jelly Bean Bandits' repertoire, forcing the band to write enough additional material ... Read More...
01.Country Woman02.Generation03.Poor Precious Dreams04.Another August Revisited05.Going Nowhere06.Happiness Girl07.September Rain08.Neon River09.Plastic Soldiers10.Say Mann11.Tapestries
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