Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leningrad Cowboys - We Cum From Brroklyn (1992)

The Leningrad Cowboys are sort of Finland's answer to the Monkees, a band that was originally created for a movie, but which went on to an artistic life of its own. The film, 1989's Leningrad Cowboys Go America, was written and directed by noted Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki. A deadpan, surreally comic road movie about a Siberian polka band who reinvent themselves as an outsider-art version of a '50s rock and roll band (complete with bizarrely sculptural pompadours that come to a needlelike point about a foot in front of their heads) and go on a calamitous tour of the southern United States, Leningrad Cowboys Go America found favor on the early indie film circuit. (The movie also features cameo appearances by celebrated American ... Read More...
1 Those Were the Days 4:18 2 Fat Bob Dollop 3:11 3 No Sense at All 3:45 4 Thru the Wire 6:13 5 Kassaka 3:59 6 Sauna 2:08 7 Katjusha 2:24 8 The Way I Walk 3:59 9 Monkey Hat 2:34 10 I'm Gonna Roll 3:07 11 Sally Is Something Else 2:39 12 Get On 3:02 13 Herzelein 3:45 14 These Boots 3:07 15 Back in the U.S.S.R. 3:25
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