Thursday, April 23, 2009

LES BAROQUES - The Complete Collection Singles A's & B's and All Album Tracks\ Holland


by Richie Unterberger
One of the strangest and best Dutch bands of the mid-'60s, Les Baroques always seemed out of synch with the real world. They had a French name, a lead singer with an obviously anglicized pseudonym (Gary O'Shannon, real name Gerard Schoenaker), and played R&B-tinged pop-rock with odd streaks of European folk tunes and corny orchestral arrangements. Their reputation hinges chiefly upon their first four singles and self-titled 1966 LP, all recorded with O'Shannon before the singer left the group at the end of 1966. At his best, O'Shannon could sound like a less polished, neurotic version of Van Morrison, delivering songs that, like much Dutch beat of the mid-'60s, were sullen and minor-keyed. ... Read More...

Disc 1
1. Silky 2. My Lost Love 3. Such a Cad 4. Summerbeach 5. I Know 6. She's Mine 7. I'll Send You to the Moon 8. I Was Wrong 9. Real Love 10. Frankie's Blues 11. Troubles 12. Too Long 13. O, o Baby Give Me That Show 14. My Destiny 15. Cascard 16. Why Did She Go 17. Too Shy to Say Hello 18. Girls Enough 19. Silky 20. I Know
Disc 2
1. Working on a Tsjing-Tsjang 2. Dreammaker 3. Bottle Party 4. Bread 5. Love Is the Sun 6. I Dreamed My Dreams Away 7. New Girl 'Cross the Street 8. For You 9. We're Both to Blame 10. Barbarians With Love 11. Hold on to Me 12. Oh, Look How Sweet 13. Way You Do the Things You Do 14. I'm Coming Home Baby 15. I Want to Tell You 16. Indication 17. When You're Feeling Good 18. Without Feeling Without Mind
The Delvins - The Delvins (1966)
First time ever 4-tracks release of this Dutch beat group from Dordrecht. Very much inspired by the likes of The Kinks and The Motions. Recorded 1966. Comes in very nice PS, designed after the legendary Dutch Fontana sleeves from the 60s.

01 - When You See02 - You Know You're Losing Me03 - There Are Things We Used To Do04 - I Won't Hear You're Gone
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