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MajorityOne - MajorityOne (1971)


by Richie Unterberger
On some obscure releases of the early '70s, Majority One wrote and recorded material in the manner of some of the more foppish late-'60s British psychedelic pop, though the style had been out of fashion for a couple of years or so. The group evolved out of the U.K. band the Majority, who issued eight singles on Decca between 1965 and 1968 without reaching the British charts. After a lot of personnel turnover and a spell backing British singer Barry Ryan, the group moved to France and issued one final single as the Majority, "Charlotte Rose," though this was only released in some European territories. In 1970, still based in France, they changed their name to Majority One, issuing a few singles in 1970 and 1971 and a self-titled album in 1971, ... ReadMore...


Majority One were veterans of the British rock scene, having released eight unsuccessful singles for Decca between 1965 and 1968 as The Majority, when in late '68 they backed Barry Ryan on his top ten hit Eloise. Following this they played sessions recording Ryan's album and backed him on tour with the Beach Boys.
Their next work came from an offer to re locate to France and play some live shows booked by a Parisian Agent. Thus through 1969-1971 the now renamed Majority One were based in Paris and recorded their one LP plus a handful of singles, as well as playing regular tours . Including one tour with Mungo Jerry culminating at a major festival in Aix en Provence in front of 50,000 people.
Majority One's first single , Charlotte Rose was written by George Alexander from Grapefruit, but their most successful was the self penned Because I Love , a top ten hit in Italy, Holland, Belgium and Brazil (!) in late 1971. Their album followed shortly after. A further standout track is their radical re working of the Beatles A Hard Days Night as a late 60's power ballad. What makes the music of Majority One particularly fascinating was that despite almost all of their recordings being made in France between 1970-1971, the group sounded as if they were stuck for all eternity in 1968. Their highly melodic songs evoke everything from 60s-era Bee Gees and Moody Blues, to haunting McCartney-like balladry, yet Majority One were still able to forge a distinctive sound based on these impeccable influences.


01. Feedback (3:24)02. Rainbow Rocking Chair (2:24)03. Cigarette, A Cup Of Tea (2:50)04. I Nearly Died (3:31)05. Looks Like Rain (2:52)06. Glass Image (2:43)07. Because I Love You (2:11)08. Love Came Today (2:43)09. Depths Of My Mind (2:13)10. I Don't Mind The Rain (3:30)11. I See Her Everywhere (2:33)12. Roger La Frite (5:58)13. Reveration (0:28)14. Get Back Home (2:48)

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