Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hollies - Russian Roulette (1976)



One of the best and most commercially successful pop/rock acts of the British Invasion, when the Hollies began recording in 1963, they relied heavily upon the R&B/early rock & roll covers that provided the staple diet for countless British bands of the time. They quickly developed a more distinctive style of three-part harmonies (heavily influenced by the Everly Brothers), ringing guitars, and hook-happy material, penned by both outside writers (especially Graham Gouldman) and themselves, eventually composing most of their repertoire on their own. The best early Hollies records evoke an infectious, melodic cheer similar to that of the early Beatles, although the Hollies were neither in their class (not an insult: nobody else was) nor demonstrated a ... Read More...
1. Wiggle That Wotsit 2. Forty-Eight Hour Patrol 3. Thanks for the Memories 4. My Love 5. Lady of the Night 6. Russian Roulette 7. Draggin' My Heels 8. Louise 9. Be With You 10. Daddy Don't Mind
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