Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Poets - Surrealistic Rain


The Poets - Surrealistic Rain (????) - VinilRip
An Italian band strongly influenced by pop icons as the Beatles and lots of other 60s bands without copying them. Their style is distinctly beat inspired, more than any other band today, they're are young, talented, classy and truly devoted to the vibes of 60s pop. Since their debut "When you were by my side' they've become more psychedelic, using unexpected sound sources like viola, electric piano and hammond organ. Simple but great songs by young, unknown poets, songs about stolen moments, little girls, shy loves and leaves lying on a car. Not to be confused with the original Poets from Scotland!
01 dome's architect02 about ten leaves lie dead on my car03 surrealistic rain04 blue rose05 girl met in november06 looking in your eyes07 shy smile08 why don't i go along the same road as you09 hey alice10 silky eyes11 mindlove
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