Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad Seeds &Liberty Bell - Two Great Albums on one CD


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The Bad Seeds were the first rock group of note to come out of Corpus Christi, Texas, itself a hotbed of garage-rock activity during the middle/late 1960s. They started when guitarist/singer Mike Taylor and bassist Herb Edgeington, then member of a local band called the Four Winds met up with lead guitarist Rod Prince and drummer Robert Donahoe, who had been playing in a rival band called the Titans until its demise. Prince wanted to form a new group, and he, Taylor and Edgeington became the core of the Bad Seeds, who were signed to the local J-Beck label in 1966. They stayed together long enough to record three singles during 1966, of which two, "A Taste of ... Read More...
With a few breaks, the Liberty Bell might have been America's Yardbirds — as it worked out, however, the group suffered the undeserved fate of being a footnote in the history of Corpus Christi rock bands. Formed in Corpus Christi, Texas in the mid-1960s, they were originally named the Zulus and played a mix of blues-rock drifting toward psychedelia, driven by some fairly ambitious guitar work by lead axeman Al Hunt. In 1967, they hooked up with Carl Becker, the co-owner of J-Beck Records, which, at the time, was recording the hottest local band, the Zakary Thaks. Becker signed them to his new Cee-Bee Records, and suggested a name change to the Liberty Bell. The group's lineup at the time of their first single, a ... Read More...

Bad Seeds \ Liberty Bell
The Bad Seeds :

1. Taste Of The Same 2. I'm A King Bee 3. Zilch part 1 4. Zilch part 2 5. All Night Long (Tried To Hide) 6. Sick And Tired 7. I'm Nobody's Man 8. My Last Day 9. Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away 10. People Sec. IV 11. Checkerboard 12 Arkansas

The Liberty Bell :
13. Nazz Are Blue 14. For What You Lack 15. Al's Blues 16. Thoughts And Visions 17. Naw Naw Naw 18. Reality Is The Only Answer 19. I Can See 20. Bad Side Of The Moon 21. Big Boss Man 22. That's How It Will Be 23. Something For Me 24. Look For Tomorrow 25. Recognition 26. Eveline Kaye 27. I Can See 28. Out In The Country
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