Saturday, May 30, 2009

Halllellujah - Halllellujah Babe! (1970)

Line-up :
Paul Vincent - guitars, vocals
Keith Forsey - drums, vocals
Pete "Funk" Wood - keyboards
Rick Kemp - bass
Hallelujah were in fact an Anglo-German duo, split off from Doldinger's Motherhood. They absconded to England to make their album, and sought the aid of much travelled top session-musicians Rick Kemp and Pete Wood. Incidentally, Pete Wood had somewhat of a global career in subsequent years with Al Stewart ('Year Of The Cat'). And good, old Rick Kemp had heads turning, at least in the British Isles with his group, "Steeleye Span". But, strangely the album only gained release in Germany!Adventurous and creative, though quite wordy in the song department, Hallelujah's influences were wide: a touch of the Beatles' "A Day In A Life", a hint of Wonderland, and lots of Pink Floyd folky Roger Waters influence -- an accessible blend of progressive and psychedelic styles.
Track List :01. Hallelujah02. Signs Of Strange03. Z. i. p.04. The Winter Song05. English Rain06. Mini Funk07. Waterloo08. Friend09. Ode To A Little Knight
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