Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lost And Found - Everybody's Here (1968)

The Lost And Found were one of the several obscure Texas psychedelic groups recorded by the International Artists label, most famous as the home of the 13th Floor Elevators. Like their labelmates the Golden Dawn, they also sounded very similar to the Elevators, if not as original. Listening to the Lost And Found and Golden Dawn LPs, in fact, one almost suspects that the Elevators were an International Artists house band masquerading under different names, although it's known that this was not the case. Like the Elevators, the Lost And Found's psychedelic sound was assuredly drug-inspired; one of the reasons they signed with International Artists, in fact, was because the label offered to have its lawyers help clear three of the band members of LSD-related charges (a serious offense in the mid-'60s). The group broke up after only one album, Forever Lasting Plastic Words, which (like all the other International Artists recordings) became a highly valued collectible years later.
1 Forever Lasting Plastic Words (02:11) 2 Everybody's Here (03:02) 3 There Would Be No Doubt (02:08) 4 Don't Fall Down (03:15) 5 Zig Zag Blues (06:02) 6 Let Me Be (02:46) 7 I Realize (02:31) 8 2 Stroke Blues (03:09) 9 I'm So Hip to Pain (02:37) 10 Living Eyes (07:37)

Review by Richie Unterberger
"OK, nothing special" seems to be a weird phrase to describe an album as avowedly psychedelic as this one, in its music, lyrics, and sleeve art. But that's really what it is — very much like the 13th Floor Elevators, but not as distinctive.
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