Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moonkyte - Count Me Out (1971)

While Moonkyte's sole album is slightly above-average early-'70s U.K. acid folk, it also gets a little tiresome in its limited melodic range and whimsical lyrical territory. The tunes are lilting and folky, and the words certainly enigmatic even by some acid folk standards — not only are they often impressionistic and nonlinear by pop measures, but at times they're pretty goofy, as on one of the better tracks, "Girl Who Came Out of My Head." Some quite pleasant, soothing background harmonies help normalize the proceedings a little, and aftershocks of the late-'60s psychedelic era are heard in the sitar on "Way Out Hermit." Much of it has the tinkerbell fairydust air heard in British Isles folk-rock from the Incredible String Band and Donovan on down, though "Lead This Sinner On" and "Happy Minstrel" have an earthier busking bluesy feel that exposes a more direct lineage to the angrier school of '60s folk. Though an intermittently intriguing record, it's ultimately hard to wrap your mind around, its obliqueness not as coated in rich or inviting tunes and singing as the best such records of the era are.
01.Search (Stansfield) 2:39 02.It's the Same Thing (Foster/Stansfield) 3:01 03.Way out Hermit (Stansfield) 4:20 04.Girl Who Came out of My Head (Stansfield) 2:53 05.Tapestry Girl (Stansfield) 2:03 06.Bridge Song (Stansfield) 2:39 07.Lead This Sinner On (Stansfield) 2:35 08.Where Will the Grass Grow? (Stansfield) 3:58 09.Lost Weekend (Foster/Stansfield) 3:11 10.Blues for Boadicea (Stansfield) 4:22 11.Happy Minstrel (Foster/Stansfield) 1:56 12.Jelly Man (Foster) 2:46
Thank so much (bellyfred&B.M. )
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