Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Quicksliver (1971)

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John Cipollina (guitar), Gary Duncan (guitar, vocals), David Freiberg (bass guitar, vocals and viola), Greg Elmore (drums), and Jim Murray (vocals, guitar and harmonica)
Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of San Francisco's original psychedelic bands of the late 1960s. Essentially a jam band, their early albums and live shows contributed to some of the best instrumental jams of the period. They were popular around the Bay Area and achieved international recognition among devotees of psychedelic rock, but they did not reach the broader popularity enjoyed by their San Francisco contemporaries, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and others. Their first album charted at 63 and their next four albums charted in the top 30 of the billboard Pop Albums charts. NEXT:
Quicksilver Messenger Service - NOWALBUM REVIEWS
Tracks:01 Hope 3:01
02 I Found Love 3:56
03 Song for Frisco 4:58
04 Play My Guitar 4:38
05 Rebel 2:02
06 Fire Brothers 3:12
07 Out of My Mind 4:34
08 Don't Cry My Lady Love 5:12
09 The Truth 6:58
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