Monday, May 25, 2009

Skip Bifferty - The Story of Skip Bifferty (1967-1969)

- Mickey Gallagher
- Alan Jackman
- Colin Gibson
- John Turnbull
- Graham Bell

Skip Bifferty are something of a lesson in musical survival, and doubly so, since most of its members had viable and even highly successful careers in music stretching more than a decade after the group's break-up. The group was an offshoot of the latter-day Chosen Few, a Newcastle band that had been working together since 1962. They'd lost their bassist and lead guitarist in 1965, and organist Mick Gallagher kept the group going, recruiting John Turnbull on guitar and Colin Gibson on bass. With the departure of Chosen Few lead singer Rod Hood, Graham Bell joined as lead vocalist, but the time had come to close down the Chosen Few. Gallagher, ... Read More...
01. The Album - MONEY MAN.mp302. The Album - JEREMY CARABINE.mp303. The Album - WHEN SHE COMES TO STAY.mp304. The Album - GURU.mp305. The Album - COME AROUND.mp306. The Album - TIME TRACK.mp307. The Album - GAS BOARD UNDER DOG (Part 1).mp308. The Album - INSIDE THE SECRET.mp309. The Album - ORANGE LACE.mp310. The Album - PLANTING BAD SEEDS.mp311. The Album - YOURS FOR AT LEAST 24.mp312. The Album - FOLLOW THE PATH OF STARS.mp313. The Album - PRINCE OF GERMANY THE FIRST14. The Album - CLEARWAY 5115. Bonus Tracks - MAN IN BLACK16. Bonus Tracks - ON LOVE17. Bonus Tracks - COVER GIRL18. Bonus Tracks - HAPPY LAND19. Bonus Tracks - REASON TO LIVE20. Bonus Tracks - ROUND AND ROUND21. Alan Hull - Skipp Bifferty - THIS WE SHALL EXPLORE22. Alan Hull - Skipp Bifferty - SCHIZOID REVOLUTION
01. Bbc Sessions - THE HOBBIT02. Bbc Sessions - MAN IN BLACK03. Bbc Sessions - ONCE04. Bbc Sessions - AGED AGED MAN05. Bbc Sessions - HIGHER THAN THE CLOUDS06. Bbc Sessions - LION AND THE UNICORN07. Bbc Sessions - DISAPPOINTING DAY08. Bbc Sessions - MONEY MAN09. Bbc Sessions - I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT10. Bbc Sessions - DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD11. Bbc Sessions - IN THE MORNING12. Bbc Sessions - FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE STARS 13. Bbc Sessions - WHEN SHE COMES TO STAY14. Heavy Jelly - I KEEP SINGING THE SAME OLD SONG15. Heavy Jelly - BLUE16. Griffin - I AM THE NOISE IN YOUR HEAD17. Griffin - DON'T YOU KNOW18. Griffin - SHINE (Bbc Session)
The Story of Skip Bifferty represents both the advantages and the limitations of the two-CD set — especially when the group in question has such a slim discography. On the one hand, the first disc, consisting primarily of material from the band's self-titled 1968 debut, bonus tracks, and previously unissued material, is a pure, unalloyed delight. Fans of the Creation, the Pretty Things, Village Green-era Kinks — even XTC's ingenious incarnation as the Dukes of Stratosphear — are sure to enjoy Skip's similarly catchy, power pop approach to psychedelia. On the other hand, the second disc, consisting primarily of BBC sessions, is a bit of a disappointment in comparison. The early live tracks are fine, but the harder-rocking material from singer Graham Bell's sojourns with Heavy Jelly and Griffin is a little lackluster. Further, the sound quality of some of the live songs, like an otherwise appealing cover of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," could be better and the DJ identifications for the radio tracks are all faded out. Why not just eliminate them altogether if they couldn't be edited with greater care? Then again, the first disc sounds great and the retrospective is nicely packaged, featuring original album and single cover art, publicity stills, comprehensive liner notes, and a eye-catching cardboard slipcase.
Many thanks (vladan& B.M.)
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