Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Stowaways - In Our Time (1967)



by Bruce Eder

The Stowaways were a promising quintet who managed to leave behind an album's worth of impressive material on Calvin Newton's Justice Records label, based in Winston-Salem, NC. Tim Tatum was the lead singer, equally adept at lyrical Beatles covers or harder punk sounds, and the rest of the band was Tommy O'Neal on lead guitar, Paul Quick on rhythm guitar, Ken Knight on bass, and Ken Tanner at the drums.

They had versatility and a knack for playing vocal and instrumental hooks for all they were worth, with a sound that intersected the Rolling Stones and the Beau Brummels at different moments.
1. What a Shame 2. I've Been Hurt 3. It Won't Be Wrong 4. Summertime 5. It's Alright 6. It's Only Love 7. Just a Toy 8. You Lied 9. C.C. Rider 10. Sunny 11. Good Good Loving 12. Play With Fire
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