Friday, July 31, 2009

Fanny - Fanny (1970)

For woody
This disc features the self-titled debut from Fanny, the first all-female rock & roll band signed to a major record label. The self-contained quartet not only sports exceptional musicianship, but also some highly original pop and rock compositions. Under the tutelage of veteran record producer Richard Perry, Fanny challenged (and by all accounts won) the hearts and minds of the prevailing male-dominated recording industry of the early '70s. Fanny is a solid effort with original rockers such as "I Just Realized," "Changing Horses," and "Seven Roads" arguably outweighing the inspired covers of Cream's "Badge" and the obscure Billy Vera/Judy Clay tune "It Takes a Lot of Good Loving." Mixed in with those harder-edged tracks are the comparatively mellow -- yet decidedly hip -- "Bitter Wine," "Candlelighter Man," and "Conversation With a Cop." Prior to the U.S. release of Fanny and before Nickey Barclay officially joined the band, an alternate version of the album was issued in Canada. This adaptation -- christened "Fanny .50" by vinyl collectors and enthusiasts alike -- is different in several notable ways. Most apparent is the unique running order substituting the tracks "Changes," "One Step at a Time,""Nowhere to Run," "Ladies Choice," and "New Day" with "I Just Realised," "Candlelighter Man," "Changing Horses," "Bitter Wine," "It Takes a Lot of Good Lovin'," and "Shade Me." While no exact figures exist in regards to how many copies were pressed or subsequently sold, it has become one of if not the most collectible entry in the band's Reprise Records discography. The Internet-only sonic boutique Rhino HandMade -- online at -- has issued First Time in a Long Time: The Reprise Recordings, which contains both versions of this landmark album.
1. Come And Hold Me
2. I Just Realized
3. Candlelighter Man
4. Conversation With A Cop
5. Badge
6. Changing Horses
7. Bitter Wine
8. Take A Message To The Captain
9. It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin
10. Shade Me
11. Seven Roads

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