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Heinz -The Complete Heinz

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Great present from Poland
This double-CD set, with 44 songs recorded by the early- to mid- '60s British pop/rock star Heinz, may seem like overkill, but as it turns out, it's not. Heinz, or Heinz Burt as he was known in The Tornados, was not only a prodigious talent, but a highly consistent recording artist. From the first two tracks here, dating from 1962, to the last one -- a live recording of "I Got a Woman" done in 1965 from the Cavern Club -- the recordings are exciting and interesting, and memorable. Heinz' producer on these sides was the legendary Joe Meek, and his signature attributes -- flashy keyboards and guitar, all very compressed -- can be found on much of it, but unlike a lot of other extended bodies of Meek's recordings, this body of music is highly listenable, track after track. Heinz was a better singer than he usually got credit for being, and he cut superb versions of "Summertime Blues" and "Twenty Flight Rock," and was just as good doing songs that came out of Meek's stable of composers, including Geoff Goddard's "Hush-a-Bye," and his singing makes even lackluster songs such as "(Sorry) I Ran All the Way Home" more interesting than they should be. The annotation is also extremely thorough, not just concerning the songs but also Heinz's career, which was, sadly, cut short by illness in the 1990s. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
Disc: 1 
1. Dreams Do Come True 
2. Been Invited to a Party 
3. Just Like Eddie 
4. Don't You Knock at My Door 
5. Country Boy 
6. Long Tall Jack 
7. You Were There 
8. No Matter What They Say 
9. Please Little Girl 
10. For Loving Me This Way 
11. Questions I Can't Answer - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
12. Beating of My Heart - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
13. Diggin' My Potatoes - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
14. She Ain't Coming Back - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
15. Don't Think Twice It's Alright - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
16. Big Fat Spider - Heinz & The Wild Boys 
17. End of the World 
18. You Make Me Feel So Good 
19. Heart Full of Sorrow 
20. Don't Worry Baby 
21. Movin' In 
22. I'm Not a Bad Guy 
Disc: 2 
1. I Get Up in the Morning 
2. Talkin' Like a Man 
3. That Lucky Old Sun 
4. Lonely River 
5. Live It Up 
6. Don't You Understand 
7. When Your Loving Goes Wrong 
8. Tribute to Eddie 
9. Hush-A-Bye 
10. (Sorry) I Ran All the Way Home 
11. Summertime Blues 
12. Don't Keep Pickin' at Me 
13. Cut Across Shorty 
14. Three Steps to Heaven 
15. Come on and Dance 
16. Twenty Flight Rock 
17. Look for a Star 
18. My Dreams 
19. I Remember 
20. Rumble in the Night 
21. Somebody to Love [Live] 
22. I Got a Woman [Live]

Here is a great compilation of early '60s rock 'n' roll from Heinz & Joe Meek that clearly shows that the Brits were superior to the Americans when it came to music. No syrupy ballads or watered down remakes (like Pat Boone did) here. Good rocking songs with great guitar solos courtesy of one young Ritchie Blackmore (on most of them). 
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