Monday, July 13, 2009

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours- Behind The Mirror (1965-68)

Formed in Rugby in 1964, the first line-up of this band -- originally known as The Liberators -- was Samuel ("Pinkerton") Kemp on autoharp and vocals, Tony Newman on rhythm guitar, Tom Long on lead guitar, Barrie Bernard playing bass, and John Wallbank on the drums. Following a brief hook-up with producer Shel Talmy, which resulted in one single, Wallbank exited the line-up, to be replaced by Dave Holland. The quartet were seen and signed by Reg Calvert, the manager of the Fortunes, after which they changed their name to Pinkerton's Assorted Colours and adopted brightly colored costumes for their stage act. ... Read More...
02 - She Don't Care
03 - Don't Stop Loving Me Baby
04 - Will Ya
05 - Magic Rocking Horse
06 - It Ain't Right
07 - Mum And Dad
08 - On A Street Car
09 - There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love
10 - Duke's Jetty
11 - Kentucky Woman
12 - Behind The Mirror
13 - Mirror Mirror
14 - Don't Stop Loving Me Baby
15 - Magic Rocking Horse

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