Monday, July 13, 2009

Simon Dupree And The Big Sound - Kites (1966-69)

Twenty songs recorded by the group between mid-1966 and 1969, including three early singles and seven songs off of the Without Reservations album. "Kites" is by far the best known number, and some of the later psychedelic efforts, including the Derek, Phil, and Ray Shulman-composed "She Gave Me the Sun" and the Shulman-Shulman "Thinking About My Life," are entertaining period pieces. But the real meat here is the group's R&B material from 1966 and earlier in 1967 -- Derek Shulman was a convincing shouter, and when the group slipped into the right groove, even on the edge of their leap into psychedelia ("Reservations"), they could rise to the occasion with good results. The group comes off as very similar to the Spencer Davis Group. It offers a glimpse of the sound that made the group very successful on the club circuit, some enjoyable druggy trifles, and vague hints of things to come from its members.
01 Kites
02 Like the Sun Like the Fire
03 Sleep
04 For Whom the Bell Tolls
05 Broken Hearted Pirates
06 60 Minutes of Your Love/A Lot of Money
07 Love
08 Get off My Bach
09 There's a Little Picture Playhouse
10 Day Time, Night Time
11 I See the Light
12 What Is Soul
13 Amen
14 Who Cares
15 She Gave Me the Sun
16 Thinking About My Life
17 It Is Finished
18 I've Seen It All Before
19 You Need a Man
20 Reservations
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