Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Lemon Drops - Crystal Pure (1967-68)

Taken  There  (russian lable records)
Anyone who likes the Leaves, the Seeds et al will love the early cuts by this band, a hard-luck Chicago outfit who couldn't turn a local wave of popular enthusiasm into something bigger, despite some good songs. Their later stuff was more self-consciously psychedelic, but it's still very well done, with superb playing and harmonies. The Lemon Drops were Jeff Brand (bass), Bobby Lunack (rhythm guitar), Gary Weiss (drums), Eddie Weiss (rhythm guitar), and Danny Smola (vocals), who began rehearsing in the Weiss home when they were between 14 and 17 years old. With lead guitarist Ricky Erickson in tow and later an official member, they cut their first record, "I Live In ... Read More...
1. I Live in the Springtime
2. It Happens Everyday
3. Sometime Ago
4. Theatre of Your Eyes
5. Popsicle Girl
6. Flower Pure
7. Paperplane Flyer
8. Talk to the Animals
9. Fairy Tales
10. Hi, How Are You Today!
11. Alone
12. Sleeping on Colors
13. Sometime Ago [Acoustic]
14. Guinevere
15. Learn to Fly
16. Flowers on the Hillside
17. Flower-Dream
18. Flower Child Eyes and Arms
19. My Friend (Theatre of Your Eyes)
20. To the Tower
21. Death Calls
22. Saturday Be-In
23. Love Is a Word
24. I Like You 


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