Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Pretty Things - ON FILM + 2 Albums

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"The Pretty Things On Film"
(Promo Film 1966 )
The video is called "The Pretty Things On Film", and it could be a promotional film for their 1966 U.K. EP of the same title.
It features the same four songs as on the EP (Fontana TE 17472) - "Midnight To Six Man", "Can't Stand The Pain", "Me Needing You" and "J.S.D.". 
Phil May: vocals
Dick Taylor: lead guitar
Birian Pendleton: rhythm guitar
John Stax: bass
Skip Alan: drums
1. Me needing you
2. Midnight to six man (studio recording)
3. Can't stand the pain
4. Me needing you (live from a night club)
5. L.S.D (live from a night club)

Pretty Things - Fontana Years 45'
01 - Rosalyn
02 - Big Boss Man
03 - Don't Bring Me Down
04 - We'll Together
05 - I Can Never Say
06 - Get Yourself Home (unreleased)
The Pretty Things - Electric Banana (1968)
Phil May, Dick Taylor, John Povey & Wally Allen
This nor that other, as row song for film, subsequently published on serieses bootlegs under pseudonym "Electric Banana"
To supplement their income, 60s UK psych group The Pretty Things (Phil May - vocals, Dick Taylor - guitars, John Povey - drums and keyboards and Wally Allen - bass) recorded material for the De Wolfe sound library under the name The Electric Banana
The Electric Banana was an alias used by British rockers the Pretty Things beginning in the '60s and throughout the '70s, comprised of members Phil May (vocals), Dick Taylor (lead guitar), Wally Waller (bass), and John Povey (drums). In an effort to make some quick money, the group contributed music to a variety of low-budget films, one such title being The Haunted House of Horror. The Electric Banana issued several obscure albums (all long out-of-print and extremely hard to find) -- 1967's self-titled debut, 1968's More Electric Banana, 1969's Even More Electric Banana, and 1970's Hot Licks. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide
Electric Banana — 1968 (1967)
More Electric Banana — 1968
Even More Electric Banana — 1969
Hot Licks — 1970
The Return Of The Electric Banana — 1978
01. Walking Down The Street (2:53)
02. If I Needed Somebody (3:08)
03. Free Love (2:14)
04. Cause I'm A Man (2:52)
05. Danger Signs (2:42)
06. I See You (3:48)
07. Street Girl (2:46)
08. Grey Skies (2:37)
09. I Love You (2:21)
10. Love, Dance And Sing (2:51)
11. Thousand Ages From The Sun (2:29)
12. Do My Stuff (4:53)
13. Take Me Home (5:10)
14. James Marshall (3:36)

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