Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Smoke - ...It's Smoke Time (1967) + BONUS (UK)

More than any other band, the Smoke epitomized the groove of Swinging London — which was especially ironic when one considers that, at the height of their success, they sold more records in Europe than England. Their sound fell somewhere between mod and the Beatles — their instrumental attack was somewhat Who/Small Faces-like, yet they delighted in cheerful vocals and infectious harmonies and melodies. Only slightly popular on their home turf, and unknown in the U.S., their biggest success was in Germany (oddly enough, for such a British-sounding group). The band hailed from York, where bassist Zeke Lund and lead guitarist Mal Luker began playing together in a band called Tony Adams & the Viceroys, whose lineup eventually ... Read More...
 ...It's Smoke Time (1967)
01 - My Friend Jack
02 - Waterfall
03 - You Can't Catch Me
04 - High In A Room
05 - Wake Up Cherylina
06 - Don't Lead Me On
07 - We Can Take It
08 - If The Weather's Sunny
09 - I Wanna Make It Better
10 - It's Getting Closer
11 - It's Just Your Way Of Lovin'
12 - I Would If I Could But I Can't
Bonus :

13 - My Friend Jack (diffr. lyrics)
14 - Playing With Magic (unrel.)

live german tv Beat Beat Beat
15 - She Put The Hurt On Me
16 - High In A Room
17 - My friend Jack

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